Thanksgiving Kids Table Projects

Do you set up a separate kid’s table for your holiday meals? Growing up with  32 cousins and 14 aunts and uncles, there was practically no way we could all sit together. Our kids table was a place to reconnect with the cousins you may not see that often, to learn about what the older kids were up to, or to remember what it was like to be a grade schooler. We may have gotten a few “shushes” from the adult table, but for the most part we were happy campers.

Every year my cousins and I would plan a big Thanksgiving play, so there was always lots to discuss: Who’s going to be the lead pilgrim? Who’s going to make the headdresses? How are we going to make the ship this year? Our dramatic endeavors took care of all that “waiting around” time before the meal.

For the kids tables out there that need a little focus, try setting up a few crafts for them to do while they wait for the food. You may just get a place setting or some extra tabletop decor out of the deal!

Pinecone Turkey Place Settings, Photo by: Stephanie Grimm

Use cardboard coffee sleeves to make pilgrim ships that double as name cards. Photo by: Mama King @4CrazyKings

Glue dried beans to yellow craft paper to make textured corn. Great for the wee ones! Photo by: AllKidsNetwork

Decorate a white work glove with markers and felt cut-outs. Photo via Better Homes & Gardens

Paper Cup Turkeys with pom poms, googly eyes and decorated paper hands. Photo by: Amanda Formaro

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