The new workshop, from the ground up!

The Katie Brown Workshop has outgrown its old digs!  You know how much I love renovating and re-doing old buildings, and making them something new and beautiful.  Well, the latest project is going to be the Workshop’s headquarters in Brooklyn.  We’re super excited to get going here, but it’s taken a lot of work to transform a ramshackle old warehouse into a full-fledged workshop.  And, most exciting of all, we’re going to have a new store in front- I can’t wait!  We should be ready in the fall, but until then, we’re building the place up.


workshopwheelsIt takes a lot of odds and ends to build a workshop…


This is going to be the test kitchen area… who cares if there’s no stove yet? I can already hear the skillets sizzling.

wkshopfloorWe’re not feeling blue now that the basement floor is so bright and cheery…

luchoAnd here’s the workshop’s elusive chief elf, The Man himself, Lucho… there’s no job too small, and nothing he can’t do.  I’m incredibly grateful to Lucho- without him, there would basically be no workshop at all!

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  1. Julie Doncoes
    Julie Doncoes says:

    Katie Thanks for sharing, Mich vacation pics. Looking forward to new shows, and new store front. The last shows I have seen you shared info on your place in New Hampshire, I taped them, it aired 4 am weekdays on nj public station, but I can’t find you of late….I’ll cont. to search for you, I have watched you …can it be from the 80’s? Continued happy life and success to what ever you do. julie doncoes


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