Simply Purple

Let me take a minute to gush about ornamental cabbage and kale.  I mean, I love a good stuffed cabbage, and I’m certainly not one to turn my back on any type of sauerkraut, but every fall I catch myself literally ogling these purple and green jewels of a plant in a new way, disregarding all the tasty health benefits.  Pure, visual lust.  I love when multiple varieties are planted next to each other in a sea of purple and hot fuchsia, and I also love when they are used to counteract all the orange and brown everywhere this season.  You know what else is awesome?  Their color gets even more vibrant after a few cold, hard frosts.  Gorgeous, nutritious, and hearty?  My kind of vegetable.

My favorite way to show off these beautiful, delicious plants is to simply pot them in galvanized buckets and then line the steps of my porch with them.  Even if you just throw one or two by your front door, your family, neighbors, and mail carrier will thank you – nobody can deny this eye candy.

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  1. Jaime
    Jaime says:

    I was on Roosevelt Island last weekend, running to catch my train, when on my way, I saw some of these gorgeous cabbages. Out of breath and tired as I was, I couldn’t help noticing how beautiful and perfect they were.

    You’re right. They are absolute eye candy.


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