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It’s officially snowing in my home state of Michigan! While we haven’t had too many snowflakes hit the East Coast yet, I’m planning for a long winter ahead by saying goodbye to my green grass until the spring rolls around again.

One of the things I miss most when my world is blanketed in white is the simple pleasure of seeing bright greens around me. It’s around this time of year that I like to start a kitchen herb garden so that I can continue to add fresh flavors to my dishes all winter long.

Follow these tips and you can create your very own haven of green goodness…

  • Herbs love sunlight, so keep them near a window.
  • Drainage is probably the single most important factor in successful herb growing. Herbs will not grow in wet soil. Make sure you have drainage holes that are big enough to allow moisture to pass, but small enough to keep soil in the container.
  • Up your eco-friendliness by using biodegradable peat pots!
  • Fresh leaves may be picked as soon as the plant has enough foliage to maintain growth. Just start from the top when pinching off leaves to use for cooking.
  • Research your plant choices! Did you know that the flowers on rosemary and basil are edible? Bonnie Plants has tons of resources to help you learn more about the herbs you choose.

While you’re potting herbs for yourself, think about making a few extra for gifts to keep on hand for the next month. A potted herb tucked into a brown paper bag and tied with a bit of twine or red string is such  an earthy and hip hostess present. Print off a favorite recipe that uses the herb you’ve planted for even more of a personalized homemade gift. Spread the gift of green! You’ll save yourself and your friends from wintertime doldrums…

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