Choosing Bold Paint Color

You have all heard it. Paint with BRIGHT paint colors. Paint with UNIQUE paint colors.  Be BOLD with your paint choices. Don’t be afraid to combine INTERESTING paint colors…But how? How do you know what to combine? How do you know what colors to use? How do you know where and when to combine them?

Here’s our tried and true solution to the decorating dilemma at hand: Look for inspiration in the things that you see and love around you. Take, for example, our home in Connecticut. We knew we wanted to be bold and brave with paint in the family room, but were unsure of the direction until we found this pillow.

Here was the combo we’d been searching for. We painted the backdrop red, just like the pillow. We painted the ceiling purple for an accent color similar to the pillow. Then, we stripped the woodwork to add the subtle earth tones that are sprinkled throughout the pillow’s design.

Take a look at the before and after to see how we filled the room with big personality by taking the lead from this pillow for the color scheme.

Do not panic next time you think you want to go bold and bright. Keep your eyes open for an example of something you dig and spread it all around the room.

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  1. says:

    My husband may think I’m crazy! I told him the inside of my head looks like a box of Trix that has exploded. Now I have pictures to prove other people think this way too, and it looks GOOD!!!

    SWEET 🙂

    LOVE IT! 🙂

    Peace, Love, and Purple Walls Ya’ll…..


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