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It’s no secret that I love to decorate for the holidays. It’s also no new obsession. In fact, I can still remember buying my first Christmas wreath. Even though it was a little heavy on the glitter and had no trace of anything natural on it, it gave me the feeling that I was making a real home for myself. While time and experience have taught me a thing or two about style,  I still cherish some of my oldest holiday decor items: a snow globe given to me by a friend, a collection of Christmas caroler figures from my sister, and an array of ornaments accumulated over the years.

When I brought out my box of goodies this year,  I  noticed that some of my holiday items could use a little freshening up.  So…carpe diem! I’ve decided to rotate in some of the cheerful and affordable holiday home goods from my product line at the regional retailer Meijer. There’s everything from Christmas tree skirts to place mats– and really, it’s all such a steal! I may be biased, but go ahead and look for yourself…I bet you’ll have a few new items for your Santa wish list in no time.

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