Simple Easter Balloons

Nothing says Easter like pastel-colored…anything! From pink and purple tulips to mint green and baby blue M&Ms- this time of year is full of color. Easter holiday decor should be no exception.

Want to know something about balloons? They look just like Easter eggs! While I do love to hard boil and dye a dozen eggs in bright colors, I think these Balloon Easter Eggs (via paper, plate, and plane) are a super fun addition to spring decorating. Make the balloons festive with some of those great pastel colors!

What you’ll need…

  • Opaque markers (try Sakura Permapaque markers from an art store)
  • Balloons in pastel colors

Get started…
1.  Blow up and tie a balloon
2.  Using your opaque markers, draw straight and wavy bands of color around the balloon. Add a few lines of polka dots.
Hint: Attach the knotted end of several balloon to a piece of string and hang along a wall or doorway for an Easter garland.

Looking for more Easter inspiration? Make some Easter Buddies or string up an Easter Egg Paint Chip Garland!

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