Cinco de Mayo: Tabletop Project

It’s no surprise when we say how much we love bright colors at the Workshop. Our walls are bright, our logo is bright, we just love being bright! This is one of the reasons we are drawn to the colorful Cinco de Mayo festivities. So, we are welcoming this holiday with open arms, empty stomachs, and tissue paper in hand.

And, we stumbled upon this simple tabletop project and couldn’t resist how the brights just light up a tabletop and a room! Did we mention how inexpensive it is? Or how little materials you need?


Inexpensive Tabletop. Spotted On: Oh My Creative

What you’ll need…

  • Glass cylinders
  • Colorful tissue paper
  • Tape
  • Tacky Glue

Get Started…

1. Accordion fold the paper, but instead of folding the last side back lay it flat securing it with small pieces of tape.
2. Then fold that last side over top the edge and the tape.
3. Trim all the edges of the one side. (not the edge with the tape)
4. Cut in equal strips without cutting to the folded edge. Leave about a quarter of an inch. Then fluff and crinkle a little and attach with small amount of glue.
5. Attach the one side of the tissue panel with a small amount of tape, then bring the other side around and attach with small dots of glue.

Decorative Decor In No Time.

Now, with a quick tabletop done you can focus on the fabulous food! Stay tuned for some great recipes we’ll be sharing.

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