Simple Picnic Project

As the weather warms here on the East Coast, I’m waiting for the days when I can pack up some sandwiches and hit the park, the beach or the backyard! I might have to wait for a free sunny afternoon to go on a picnic adventure, but I can daydream about it while making these cute Butterfly Net Lunch Packs (via One Charming Party).

Butterfly Net Lunch Packs

What you’ll need…

  • Butterfly net
  • Bandanna or 21″ square of your favorite fabric
  • Faux butterflies
  • Magnets
  • Clothespin
  • Hot glue gun
  • A packed lunch

Get started…
1.  Set the butterfly net on top of the fabric (printed side down).
2.  Fill the net with the packed lunch.
3.  Hot glue a magnet to the underside of a faux butterfly
4.  Tie the corners of the fabric around the end of the net.
5.  Using the clothespin, clip the butterfly onto the center of the knot.
6. Enjoy the lunch! And if butterflies are nowhere to be found, you can place the magnetized butterfly on the wire edge of the butterfly net.

If you’re on a butterfly kick, decorate your spring table with some beautiful Butterfly Bunches! A few butterflies can brighten anyone’s day…

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