Chocolate Covered Banana Elephant Trucks


  • 5 bananas cut in half
  • 10 popsicle sticks
  • 24 ounces baker's semisweet chocolate squares
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • Toppings (optional)


  1. Stick Popsicle sticks into the cut ends of the bananas and place them on a baking sheet fitted with wax paper. Place the bananas in the freezer.
  2. Next, fill a medium sized pot with approximately 2-inches of water, and place on the stove on high heat. When the water boils, turn the heat to low and nest a glass bowl in the top of the pot. Make sure the bottom of the bowl is not touching the water. Add the vegetable oil and chocolate to the bowl and melt, stirring often.
  3. Once the chocolate has melted, remove the bananas from the freezer. If using a topping, place it in a bowl beside the chocolate.
  4. One by one, dip the bananas in the chocolate and coat completely. Hold the coated bananas above the chocolate for a few seconds to allow excess chocolate to drip off.
  5. Once the banana is coated with chocolate, hold it above the topping bowl and sprinkle all sides of the banana before returning it to the wax paper.
  6. Place the bananas in the refrigerator to set, about 10 minutes.


  • If you add a little bit of vegetable oil to your chocolate when you are melting it (as we did in this recipe), it will keep the chocolate from getting overheated and clumpy.