Painted Pumpkin Project

With the leaves turning new and different shades every time I look out the window, I’m a sponge for color these days. There are places in my house, however, that just don’t mesh well with the orange, reds and yellows of the time.

I still want to add a touch of the fall season in these areas, so I went looking for a simple, all-white answer…And here you have it: a simply painted white pumpkin with a jute-covered stem (via Thrifty And Chic). Add a few of these in clusters to a mantel, table, or stairway in need!

Photo by: Alicia @ThriftyAndChic

Photo by: Alicia @ThriftyAndChic

What you’ll need…
Small pumpkins or gourds (fake or real)
White craft paint
Jute, or twine
Fabric stiffener
Small paint brush
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Disposable plastic straw or pen

Get started…
1.  Clean your pumpkin and paint with craft paint until covered. Let dry.
2.  Begin wrapping the twine around the stem of the pumpkin, dabbing hot glue as needed. Leave a tail of twine about 6 inches long once you have finished wrapping the stem.
3.  Dip the extra twine in fabric stiffener and twist around the plastic straw. This will give you the curl at the end of the stem. Let dry, slip off pen and trim as needed.

Need more pumpkin in your life? Bake one of these 5 delicious Pumpkin for Breakfast recipes or try building a Pumpkin Gourd Face. Have some fun with fall!

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