Five New Ways to Display Children’s Art by Amanda Weitzman

I’m thrilled to be guest blogging over at the Katie Brown Workshop. For those of you who follow me at, you know that I am obsessed with interior design. I’m constantly in awe of how Katie creates a home that is not only comfortable but also visually exciting. I’m always left wondering, why didn’t I think of that?! Since we both have young children, I thought it would be apropos to share unique and creative ways to display children’s artwork. It’s amazing how much art you collect when you have school-age kids and I think it is rewarding for the family to put it on display.

1. Use cable wires

Spotted On The Ironstone Nest

2. Tape them up on a blackboard wall and color on some frames

Spotted On Spearmint Baby

3. Scan your photos into the computer and have it made into a poster

Spotted On Sixx Design

 4. Create a Gallery Wall

Spotted On The Ironstone Nest

5. Use identical frames and hang the art in a grid like pattern.

Spotted On Velvet & Linen