Sharing Talented Friends

I am one lucky girl in so many ways. Today, however, I want to talk about how blessed I am in the friend category. Sure, all friends lend an ear, a helping hand, a compliment when you need one most and I am forever grateful. However, a handful of my dear friends inspire me with not only the typical acts of friendship, but with their taste, talent and abilities. I learn from their sharp design eye and keen way in the kitchen. I marvel and attempt to copy their design sense and brave commitment to the artful way they live and work.

One such friend is a women by the name of Sarah Easley. She co-owns and operates a store named Kirna Zabete and they are one of the new shops at Target.

Today I, myself, am all dolled up in their  target line!!!!!

My sweater and the long print shirt under it – all HERS!

The lip bracelet …..HERS also!!!

I could not be more proud of Sarah and happy that she is able to share her vision and gifts with the rest of the world.

Similarly I have a way talented friend by the name of Amanda Weitzman. She has worked in magazines for years and has developed a real sense for great looking interiors and projects for the home. Every time I log onto her blog, I learn something wonderful. So, in an attempt to support her and share one of my secret girl friend inspirations with all of you, I am happy  to announce that starting tomorrow, Amanda will be our guest blogger every Wednesday through the month of October. I hope you will all welcome her and read her post tomorrow. I promise if you do, you will not be disappointed .

Please share with me any stories or inspirations you get from your posse of friends.