Were You a Child in the 80s? This New Crafting Trend May Ring a Bell

Do you remember Shrinky Dinks? A Shrinky Dink set came with sheer plastic sheets that you could color with felt tipped pens or acrylic paints, and that when placed in the oven would then shrink down and stiffen without affecting their shape or color. They were all the rage in the 80s, and slowly but surely, they’re making their way back on the scene, but now they’ve graduated from toy to craft staple.

Jewelry makers and and crafters of all kinds are finding oh-so-cute and clever ways to incorporate these little trinkets into their work.

If you’re interested in trying it out, you can buy a set of 10 blank sheets here for $5.50. If you want to skip the self-expression, you can also try printing on plastic from your computer with this tutorial. If you want to forgo the store-bought stuff, you can also use any #6 plastics (this tutorial shows you how).

For inspiration, here are some of our current favorites.

Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers
Why be limited by store-bought cupcake toppers and edible arrangements. These adorable monster cupcake toppers by Susan Wasinger are perfectly whimsical and creating them could be a great party activity. More information here.


Diamond necklace
A good deal cheaper (and more adorable?) than the real thing, these shrinky dink diamonds from Wrapped up in Rainbows are definitely a (crafty) girl’s best friend. Instructions here.

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Tie tacks
Ok, how adorable are these? Shrinky dink tie tacks? What a perfect way bring a little joy with you to the office. The brilliant Jordan Ferney over at Oh Happy Day knows what she’s doing. Instructions here.


Resolution bracelets
Instead of leaving post-its up all over your house reminding you of your new year’s resolution, why not make an adorable shrink plastic bracelet instead? Consumer Crafts even has a free printable for you. Instructions here.


Mitten garland
Shrinky dinks are perfect for window displays. The bright translucent colors help create the effect of your very own stained glass window. I just love Handmade Charlotte’s mitten garland –like a string of Christmas lights, but somehow even more festive. Instructions here.

animal magnets

Animal magnets
With the free printables over at This Heart of Mine, you can easily make your very own shrinky dink animal magnets. Again, this is the perfect craft project to take on with your kids. Instructions here.

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Home state pendants
Here’s a super simple way to represent your hometown… and learn how to draw your home state. Instructions here.