Mailbox Vase


  • White mailbox
  • Painting tape
  • Vinyl numbers
  • Floral oasis, two blocks
  • 2 small white garbage bags
  • Oasis, soaked overnight
  • Floral wire
  • Lemons or limes, cut in half
  • Floral wire, cut to 5 inch pieces
  • Greenery and assorted tulips, or flowers or your choice
  • Red vinyl numbers and letters, assorted sizes
  • White napkins
  • Assorted red ribbons


  1. Use the painting tape to make a straight guide for where you will put your vinyl numbers. Then place the street number or family name of your new neighbor on both sides and the front of the mailbox, start with the last number and work backwards.

  2. Cut your oasis in half and place one cube in each garbage bag and tie a knot just above the oasis. Then tie the ends of the two garbage bags together, making a saddlebag that you can hang over the mailbox.

  3. Drive an end of the floral wire into the base of the lemons or limes and push the other end of the floral wire into the oasis at various spots.

  4. Push in the greenery and assorted flowers into the oasis until there is a full arrangement.

  5. Wrap cutlery in napkins and tie with a red ribbon, and place in the open mailbox.