Homemade Tea Bags And Box Project


  • Unbleached muslin
  • Kitchen twine
  • Dried herbs
  • Kraft boxes
  • Glitter
  • White craft glue
  • Paint brush
  • Card stock paper
  • Heart punch
  • Artificial flowers


  1. Start with a 4x4-inch square of unbleached muslin. Place the blend of dry herbs in the center of the unbleached muslin. Fold the ends in and tie with kitchen twine. Leave a tail so you can seep your tea comfortably.

  2. Using a flat soft brush, paint your kraft box with basic white craft glue.

  3. Spoon on glitter to cover the box.

  4. Punch a heart out of the card stock with a shaped punch. Write a message on the tag and glue to top of box.

  5. Attach artificial flowers with hot glue.

  6. Fill box with homemade tea bags.


  • Fill a disposable pan with glitter and use a tea strainer to shake the glitter over your glued surface.