Driftwood Bird’s Nest Centerpiece


  • Small piece of driftwood (or log, or large twig)
  • Beads on string (or inexpensive costume jewelry)
  • Preassembled birds’ nest
  • Decorative faux birds
  • Decorative straight pins
  • Assorted flowers (we chose Button Mums and Spider Mums)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Floral snips


  1. Wrap driftwood with beads on string.

  2. Place or hot glue your bird’s nest at various points along the driftwood. Feel free to sit them on the table--you don’t necessary have to attach them to the driftwood!

  3. Using straight pins, attach faux birds to driftwood at several points along the driftwood.

  4. Clip flowers near the head, and sit in your bird’s nest or along your buffet table.