Flowers In Frames


  • photo mats
  • mat cut-outs
  • photo clips
  • small vases
  • clear marbles
  • fresh flowers


  1. Using a stand-up photo clip, clip on your mat vertically.

  2. Secure the base of the clips inside a small vase with glass marbles.

  3. Place stem among the marbles.

  4. Fill with water and let the flower peak through the opening of the mat.


  • Remove glass from frame and glue mat to the inside rim of the frame
  • Use a box that measures the width of your frame or smaller to hold the individual flower vases.
  • Insert flowers in small glass vase, use glass marbles to secure stems, fill with water, and place the vase in the box behind the frame.
  • Cut the stem so that the flower peaks through the opening of the frame.