Forcing Bulbs

Forcing Hyacinth Bulbs
Forcing Paper White Bulbs &
Forcing Tulip Bulbs


  • Hyacinth Bulbs: 1 hyacinth bulb
  • Hyacinth jar
  • Water
  • Paper White Bulbs: Paper White bulbs (the number of bulbs you plant depends on the size of the bowl you use)
  • Rock or gravel
  • Decorative bowl
  • Water
  • Tulip Bulbs: 4 tulip bulbs
  • Plant pot, with drainage
  • Potting soil
  • 2 sheets newspaper
  • Water


  1. Hyacinth Bulbs: Fill a hyacinth jar with water and place the bulb in the top, the water line should be just below the bulb.

  2. Place the jar in a cool dark spot for 8-12 weeks and watch the roots fill the jar! Add more water as the roots drink it up.

  3. Paper White Bulbs: Fill a decorative bowl with rocks, then place in your bulbs. Pour water into the bowl and allow it to come to the top of your rocks, the bulbs should be ½ submerged in the water.

  4. Place the bowl anywhere in your home where the is decent light and allow to blossom for 5-7 weeks.

  5. Tulip Bulbs: Fill ¾ of the pot with potting soil, then place the bulbs in with the flat side facing down, pointy side up.

  6. Cover the bulbs with more soil and water well.

  7. Soak the newspaper and wring it out, then use the newspaper to cover the soil so that no light can get in.

  8. Place the pot in the refrigerator for 8- 12 weeks, watering ever 2-3 weeks. Replace the newspaper if it dries out.


  • Paper White Bulbs: The bulbs will last longer if they have a cool place to sit.
  • Tulip Bulbs: This is best done in the winter, so you can now enjoy beautiful flowers throughout the chilly months.