Earth Day: Reuse While You Rework

Here at the workshop we are always trying to think of ways to Go Green, how to reuse, rework and revamp the old, the trash and the pre-used. Our Spring Fling adventure is no exception.

While sealing up your bags of chips instead of using a Zip-loc that will end up in the trash along with the chip bag how about using a clip from an old hanger. It is quite easy to cut the clip part off.

Old plastic hangers meet the chip bag.

Next, instead of throwing away that tissue container how about stuffing it with your old plastic bags for storage until you need one.

Keep unsightly plastic bags out of sight.

And, when you’re cleaning off your pasta shelf and finding all those spaghetti noodles that have fallen out of the box how about you place them in an empty Pringles can? Yes, we said Pringles can.

Pringles + Pasta = Perfect Pair

Oh and those wipe containers that we cycled through so fast. When you’re kids get older use their old wipe containers and contain their games!

Wipe away card game clutter!

Then, take your Green self out to the garden with your wine bottles and organize it by creating a garden border and create garden markers out of the corks…

We love this use for wine bottles. Spotted On: Apartment Therapy

Every aspect of the wine bottle can be re used. Spotted On: Recycle Art

How do you reuse as you rework? Tell us over on Facebook, Twitter, or by commenting below. We would love to incorporate more green ideas!

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