Dried Flower Box Inspiration

A dear friend of mine has to decorate a box for a garden club she belongs to. I want her’s to be the best because, well, she is the BEST. I know, I know it is not about that, but I at least want to give her some inspirations. When I did some searching, there were very few examples of decorated boxes and ,although very pretty, none were quite what I think she was looking for.







So I decided to start thinking color schemes …….





All White




Bright and Poppy


Then I thought,how about building patterns …..












What if you just made them lay very flat and lined them up like they were growing in a row…..



Or what if you created an iconic symbol……




Or what if you just tossed on a whole bunch of petals and flower heads ……




Or connected them in a straight line……..


Or neatly lined them up……..



Or…. as I like to say, how about if you keep it simple with a single stem decorating the box top?


What would you do? Looking for any bits of help here!!!!!!