Corn On and Off the Cob

Here at the Workshop nothing grasps our taste buds like fresh savory corn on the cob. Of course there is the traditional corn on the cob but where trying something different and serving up some fresh ideas. From corn cakes to corn ravioli, have some fun with corn. Summer is almost over, and before long fresh corn straight from the fields will be long gone, so get cooking! Also, check out this Katie Brown product from Meijer to serve up your new corn dish!

Make thyme corn!

Creamy Baked Corn... Spotted on Pinch of Yum

Corn Ravioli... Spotted on Parsley, Sage & Sweet: A Food Blournal

BBQ Corn... Spotted on Eat Drink Daily

Summer Corn Cakes adapted from Sara Foster's "Southern Kithcen"... Spotted on Ezra Pound Cake

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