Family Reunion

Every summer we head back to my family cottage on lake Michigan. A few years back we took advantage of our return by hosting a christening for my daughter Prentiss. We invited all the Brown’s we could round up. Please keep in mind I have 32 first cousins and fourteen aunts and uncle. We kept it simple by creating a series of picnic bags that held lunches for five or so people and placed them around the yard on thick fabric squares that we made from cutting up a big roll of left over upholstery fabric.

Blankets and picnic bags placed around the yard for the guest to enjoy.

I placed small wild flower arrangements next to each picnic bag to dress it up a bit.

Wild flower arrangements and drink buckets complete with can openers were also placed on the blankets.

For some of my older aunts and uncles we pulled out a few dining tables from the house so they would not have to sit on the ground.

Three of my lovely aunts

I found some local musicians to play while we ate.

Local musicians

It was a grand time and a moment I will never forget. The blankets and picnic bags made it fun and different and easy.

The Brown clan

I can only hope this sets the stage for years and years of family reunions, that my children and their children take the time to gather the young and the old members of their family together for fun and food creating memories that will live on and on.

The next generation

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