Cooking On the Griddle

Ever been to a diner and watched the cook chop, sizzle and flip your meal right on the griddle? An entire breakfast, lunch or dinner is made up on the same hot surface, and then there’s a wipe or a scrape, and the next meal begins. Whether it’s pancakes, eggs and bacon, or a chicken caesar wrap, the griddle is where all the magic happens.

When we’re cooking at home for family or friends the inevitable pan and plate pile-up occurs…even though we try to strategize to downsize my clean-up effort. It took a kitchen renovation and some expert advice from Sub Zero Wolf to get us thinking about bringing that restaurant-style griddle into the home. There’s only one surface to clean when cooking with a griddle!

The opportunities to use the griddle on a range top go way beyond expert pancake-making. Anything you cook in a skillet, you can cook on a griddle in bulk: steaks, chicken, quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza…you can even heat up a can of soup!

Make or reheat pizza right on your griddle. Photo by: Jessica Leibowitz

An indoor BBQ: Pork and Chorizo burgers made right on the griddle. Photo by: Rob @Grub'sUp

Restaurant-style omelet on the griddle, Photo by: Nick @Macheesmo

For a range top with top functionality and quality, consult with Sub Zero Wolf…where the griddle is incorporated right into the design!

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