Back to School Breakfast Party

No one around my house wants to fully admit it, but that back-to-school feeling is slowly seeping in. Teacher assignments are coming in the mail any day, school supplies are on sale everywhere you look and fall clothing ads are cropping up, too.

One of the toughest adjustments for my family is the switch to that early morning schedule. Alarms, breakfast, quick homework/backpack organization, and out the door to the bus stop all before the rooster crows! To ease the woes of that transition, I pull a little trick that my mom did with me: we get up a little bit earlier each morning of the last week of summer.

To make that countdown to the wee hours-wakeup a little bit easier, think about hosting a Breakfast Back-to-School party. Serve cereals and milk, set out a donut sandwich buffet and a side of fruit kebabs, then add a few touches of school house decor. Invite bus stop friends and neighbors, or celebrate with just your kids. Transitions can be tough on kids, but an early morning breakfast party makes it fun!

Serve cereals in bright summer beach pails and set out plastic shovels for a serving spoon.

Make a Donut Sandwich Buffet with a spread of peanut butter/jelly, granola, raisins and banana to decorate plain donuts cut in half.

Healthy Fruit Kebabs on flat ice pop sticks. Add a fruit glaze for extra sweetness!

A ribbon, paper clips and paper triangles makes an easy and festive garland.

Set out a few groupings of school supplies as breakfast party favors. Line a glass container with a sheet of adhesive letters and fill with special pencils or rulers. Repackage crayons in a cellophane bag with a cardstock label stapled overtop.

What’s the best and worst thing for you and your family about back-to-school? Do you have any late August traditions during that transition? Let me know about it here.

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