Simply Sugar Cookies

Everyone has one.  Some like theirs sweet, others like the slight hint of salt, frosted or plain…. what’s your favorite type of cookie?

For me, I’m an equal opportunity sugar cookie-holic.  There is simply no sugar cookie that can disappoint. Butter, sugar and a little frosting– tell me what could be a better treat after skiing, sledding, or…breakfast?

It’s a long-standing tradition in my family to have a sugar cookie decorating contest when Christmas nears. I think it’s my mom’s ploy to share the baking responsibilities, but I won’t let that spoil a little healthy competition.  This year I’m enlisting my daughters, Prentiss and Meredith, as chief decorators (they are both taking their titles very seriously, by the way) and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

There’s such a variety of ways to decorate sugar cookies. Do you deck them out with frosting, gel and sprinkles, or do you gobble them up without icing?

Don’t these beauties look delicious? Click the photos to see recipes for cookies and frosting…

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