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Couch Painting How-To

Do you ever just want a quick and easy way to re-vamp your old couch? Or do you ever just want to add some character and charm to a room using your old couch? While today want no more. Today we have collected some simple examples of ways to use your couch as a canvas. […]

Dried Flower Box Inspiration

A dear friend of mine has to decorate a box for a garden club she belongs to. I want her’s to be the best because, well, she is the BEST. I know, I know it is not about that, but I at least want to give her some inspirations. When I did some searching, there […]

14 Different Ways to Eat Avocado

There are  a lot of ways to enjoy the green treat, Avocado. Today I have collected a few that are surprising, inventive and yet still doable and yummy. So serve them up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but be sure to serve them up!                       […]

Memorial Day Grilling Idea

  Grilled Vegetable Sandwich with Pesto Mayo A lot of people are huddled around a grill today so I thought I would throw out a quick and easy way to prepare something delish on the BBQ. Happy Memorial Day!         Grilled Vegetable Sandwich with Pesto Mayo Serves 8 You need: Ingredients Zucchini […]

Individual Picnic Baskets

For this memorial day celebration how about serving your fare in individual picnic baskets? Set the baskets all up on tables, in a pile or out across the lawn on little blankets. Fun, whimsical, different, playful and festive. If you ask me this is a great way to set the mood for the rest of […]

Bring the Outdoors In

    While strolling through the woods on your nature walk, look up, look down, look left and right.  Take it all in…the trees, the flora, the branches, and the vines.  You notice the sun shining through the leaves and you wonder how you can package that beauty and live with it in your home. […]