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Rocks in the Garden

WEDNESDAY WONDERS Yes everyone has rocks in their gardens. It is just that some are more well placed then others. When you get it right, rocks can add the perfect wonderment to any outdoor space.                                         […]

14 Porch Swings

Tis the season to enjoy lazy days. What better way to pass the time then swinging on a porch swing? As the breeze blows and the swing’s rhythm begins the relaxation process you will find hours ticking by as you loose yourself in daydreams. So get swinging.                 […]


Who doesn’t have leftover chicken every once in a while. While save each and every shred because I have gathered some ways to serve it up at least one or two more times!                                          

10 Fruit Salad with Greens Recipes

Or is it  10 Greens with Fruit Salad Recipes? You see when I think of a salad I think mixed greens. When I think of a fruit salad I think fruit medley. However more and more I am loving that I and it seems many people are thinking both together. Given that it is the […]

Colorful Expression

Sometimes you just gotta pick a color and let it shine …..do not be afraid to spread some of it ALL around …..the bolder , the brighter , the better!                                                   […]

DIY Drink Tags

Gearing up for my husband’s birthday bash I have begun collecting ideas to inspire me. Today I am starting small and simple with drink tags.                                  

DIY Swing Sets

To me swing sets that are the most beautiful and the most fun are made from nature. Take a look at some I have gathered to inspire you all to just build it!                                             […]

So Many Tarts so Little Time

Tis the season of fresh fruit. What better way to enjoy them then on top of a delightful tart?