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Ham and Cheese Pocket Recipe

A recipe quickly becomes a favorite when it fires on all cylinders: quick, simple and tasty. The Ham and Cheese Pocket is just such a recipe. It takes under 10 minutes to prepare (15-20 minutes in the oven), there are 4 ingredients, and it’s the first empty plate at any party (especially when kids are […]

Home Solutions: Holiday Help

Every year, I get stressed at Christmastime. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday season, but I get overwhelmed. This year, I decided–no more! These three tips will help keep you grounded and stress-free next Christmas. 1) Always store decorations in a safe, dry place. 2) Make the decorating process easy on yourself: get […]

Winter Flowers: Pansies

Even though your green thumb may be stuck inside a big wooly mitten, you can still work your magic in the garden in January. Now is the time to start a few plants indoors that can be transferred to your backyard after the groundhog decides he’s ready for spring…and in the mean time you can […]

A Friendly Lunch

I wake up every day and go to bed every night saying a small prayer of gratitude for my full wonderful life. I thank my lucky stars for what fate has allowed me to experience: marriage, motherhood and a job I love. But, just like every other working mom, I miss the ME time…reading a […]

Renovate: Kitchen Cabinets

It seems as though ever since I started my career, over fifteen years ago, I have found myself renovating more and more whether it be a new set for my show or homes. Although, my family and I seem to move in and out of our homes quicker than we can unpack as we try […]

Homemade Thank You Notes

I bet we all received those special, one-of-a-kind gifts this year. So, why not send them a one-of-a-kind thank you? I know what you’re thinking…more cards? But, wait. It’s not hard. It’s not time consuming. It’s an easy token of appreciation. And you can have fun embellishing more for the gifts that truly deserve it! […]

Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes

We’ve been hearing more and more about gluten-free eating and cooking these days, and I’ve been hearing your requests over on Facebook, Twitter, and email that you want to see more of these recipes in the Katie Brown sphere. I’ve discovered treasure troves of gluten-free recipes and I’ll be sprinkling them into upcoming blog posts […]

Playroom Organization

I’ve got that beginning-of-the-year buzz and clutter better watch out! Instead of resolving to a general, “keep life organized”, I’m tackling specific problem areas in my house…starting with the playroom. The kids’ playroom is often a room I’d rather just shut the door to then deal with the mess. I’m thrilled the girls and their […]

New Years Eve Drink Recipes

New Years Eve is a time for remembering the year gone by, looking forward a fresh start and celebrating the here and now. I don’t know about you, but I like to do this over a plate of appetizers and a fun drink. Whether you’re hosting a big bash or a family game night, create a […]