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This past Christmas I realized I really needed to get going on my dream of becoming a world-class knitter. My 10-year old niece came to Christmas Eve dinner with two pencils and a skein of yarn, announcing that all she wanted from Santa was a pair of knitting needles. She told me she had learned to knit all by herself by following instructions she found online…all this from the a third grader!

I decided then and there that 2011 is my year to become a knitting fiend. I have a hard time following printed instructions, but I found this great video tutorial from Threadbanger (the oh so cool crafting group).

If you’re part of my crowd, the determined-to-make-that-first-scarf crowd, then learn with me!

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  1. Sheri D. Maple
    Sheri D. Maple says:

    Hi Katie:
    I think it’s great that you are learning how to knit. It’s really a great and relaxing hobby and you will be hooked once you see all the yarn and the idea of what you can make with it. I learned how to knit and crochet several years ago and have made several scarves. However, you can the hang and make that first scraf, then you are going to want to knit a hat as well. Good luck and I will keep reading of your progress.


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