Simple Picnic Blanket

Move over raggedy old comforter with the ketchup stains in the corner…there’s a new picnic blanket in town! After seeing the photos of this picture-perfect painted picnic blanket (say that 10 times fast!) I was surprised to see how easy the project actually is.

Painted Picnic Blanket via Twig & Thistle

What you’ll need…
Canvas drop cloth (find one lined with plastic for a waterproof blanket)
Painter’s tape
Vinyl or foam core (to create a stencil)
Small paint roller

Getting started…
1.  Draw and cut out your pattern from piece of vinyl or foam core. Lay out your pattern and outline with a pencil.(Hint: You can make your job easier by doing a classic stripe pattern instead of a chevron.)
2.  Next, outline the tracing marks with painter’s tape.
3. Use a small paint roller to fill in the space between your painter’s tape outline. and paint 4.  Let dry and pack up for your next picnic, kids’ baseball game or fireworks viewing!

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