Room of the Day How to Embrace The Eclectic DesignTrend

Room of the Day

Love all the colorful layers spotted on Style Me Pretty

What Makes it Good: The eclectic mix is divine in this room. The patterns, the finishes, the textures all play together to create one harmonious room full of life. I love the stripes, with the flower and animal print. I like the way the reflected services are also mixed. Mirrors are not the only reflected surfaces in the room there are shinning glass tabletops as well. They have splashed around  lot of fancy gold  , but also earthy rope and chalk board. All and all a fearless great mix…indeed!

What I Love Most:

Some how whenever a room has layered carpets it always makes it inviting. It rarely matters if the patterns are the same or if they even match. In this room, the two carpets could not be more different, but the two bring out the best in each other.

5 Ideas to Steal:

1. Have more then one reflective surfaces in a room. This will help to stir up your eclectic blend. Think of the magic it creates in a room like the sunshine on a landscape which somehow enhances the scapes beauty.

These are fun

2. When you are creating a  blended room remember to go HIGH and LOW. This room has some rich looking pieces such as the gilded mirror and. It also has some dime store specials like the macramé hanging plant holders.

3. Have a fairly neutral or blank backdrop when you are creating a layered look. Here they have white walls and pale grey couches to begin there statement with.

4. Do not leave out the ceiling. use your full orchestra when creating an eclectic look. Do not just garnish the floor. NO No no look up. paint it or hang from it. I really like these hanging plants.

5. Always layer in mother nature. This room does it well with the pink flowers, floral printed pillow and animal print pillow.