Remnant Tablecloth


  • Assortment of spring colored fabrics and ribbons
  • 1 tube clear drying washable fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


  1. Measure dimensions of a tabletop and add two feet to the length and the width.

  2. Make small cuts in edge of fabric with scissors then tear long strips. Tearing the fabric will easily give you straight lines without having to measure and cut straight. Also, the frayed edges add to the charm of the tablecloth. If some of your fabrics aren’t long enough, that’s okay, just tear them into strips and then glue them to other short strips. It will add even more character and interest to the piece.

  3. Use fabric glue to adhere strips of alternating fabrics and ribbon together with each strip overlapping the previous one.

  4. Once all of your strips are glued together, cut the ends to make them even.


  • I've tried several different types of fabric glue and I have found that for this project Unique Stitch is the best at not showing through.