Neighborhood Directory


  • Pre-cut 12 x 12-inch craft wood panels
  • Heavy stock paper, trimmed to 12 x 12 inches
  • Old belt
  • Small picture frame


  1. Make as many pages as you’d like. Here are four suggestions…
    • Neighborhood map: Draw a map of your neighborhood. Use magazine cut-outs of houses to denote the different houses on the block. On the map, alert your neighbor to various highlights by hand writing small tags, such as where the mean dog lives, where the sweet roses are, where the best neighborhood babysitter lives, etc.
    • Business cards: Cut a little glassine bag (or a mini brown paper bag) in half, glue to a rectangle of craft paper, and glue to your scrapbook page. Label each pocket with a packing tag according to the category, for example: fashion, services, home & garden, etc.
    • Take-out menus: Cut the top off of an 8x10 mailing envelope. Punch two holes vertically on either side of the envelope and thread a thin ribbon through. Tie ribbon in a small knot.
    • Emergency: Using red electrical tape, tape out a red plus sign to divide the page into four sections. In each section, use a brad to clip in a piece of notebook paper with phone numbers, for example, for doctors, the fire department, the plumber, the school, etc.

  2. Take a photo of your neighbor’s new house, place it in the frame, and adhere it to the outside of the book with your hot glue gun.

  3. Write the name of the family on a piece of paper and glue onto the outside of one of the panels.

  4. Place the pages between the two wood panels and fasten the belt around it.