Back To School Tips

I teamed up with OxiClean this week for a media tour that highlighted back to school preparation systems. That is right I used the word systems because I truly believe if you get organized and get plans in place you can in fact have a smooth back to school month.


1. Back In The Saddle Schedule:


Make lists and back it up on a countdown calendar …..just like you use a calendar for the holidays you should do the same to get your kids and your home back in the groove. Do not try and do everything ALL at once break it down over a week or two weeks so you are knocking off a few chores each day.

2. Supply Cake:

Have some fun with school supplies. Build a supply cake and then let them pick a few of their favorite things. You can double the fun by having some of your kids friend’s over to share in the festivities.

3. Goals In A Bottle:

Ask your little one’s to write a wish list of what they hope to do and learn this school year tuck it away in a bottle for an end of the year peak and recap.

4. Message Center:

I love to tuck messages of love and support into the lunches I pack. If I have a bucket of supplies on the ready I find my habit is easier and I am less likely to forget.

5. First Day Photo Op:

Pick out your school scrap book for the year and begin by placing a picture of the big day send off.

6. School Catch All Notebook:

Get yourself a big binder complete with two pockets one for incoming and one for outgoing and a three hole punch to save and store the never ending stream of papers coming home.

7. Save Green And Go Green:

No need for new lunch pails, just soak your backpacks ( with a scoop of OxiClean of course) and clean the old ones. To help your kids get excited about making something old new again attach luggage tags or key rings that allow you to slip in photos of them. Then let them decorate the outside. Next get some letter charms and let them create a string of them that spells out their name and attach it to one of the back pack zippers.

8. One Day At A Time:

Create or purchase a life size month long calendar so that everyone can see the day to day schedule of the first month. This will truly help with learning the new school and after school comings and goings of that oh so confusing first few weeks.

9. Keep Calm And Carry On:

Back to school is tough for everyone but it is most stressful for the young ones. Who will be in their class? Will they like their teachers? Will they be able to handle the work in the next grade? Because of all this uncertainty it is especially important that us grown ups have all our ducks in a row and provide the calm in the storm. So help take some of the panic out by being prepared, and remember a warm bath is waiting for you!!!!!