Simply LIVE! With Regis and Kelly

Live! With Regis and Kelly invited yours truly to host a spring gardening segment for their show. Think: The Ultimate Herb Garden. The West Side Community Garden (which is a FANTASTIC place by the way… you must go and check out their tulips) generously offered us a plot to use for the segment.

We decided that we wanted to add a little twist to the ordinary garden and organize the herbs by geographic regions (i.e. Asian, Caribbean, French, etc.).  We also made festive garden markers out of recycled plywood, shells, a kitchen mallet, and broken pot pieces! I had a blast giving Regis a Gardening 101 lesson — and he seemed to be really into it too! Surrounded by colossal chives, tons of thyme, and mounds of mint, we dug and sowed until we got the little seedlings (most of which were grown from our favorite green thumbs @ Bonnie Plants) planted in our plot.  You can watch the segment here.

BEFORE: The plot

...the secret ingredient

Showing Regis how to fertilize the soil. Doesn't he look adorable in those overalls?


The 'Mediterranean' marker

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