Steamer Trays and Picks


  • Bamboo steamers
  • Pack of wooden skewers
  • Wooden circle, ovals, and teardrops, or squares
  • Numbered and lettered rubber stamps and stamp pads
  • Hot glue gun


  1. For the Steamers: Using large, wacky, decorative stamps stamp the street number, or name, of your new neighbor to the side of the bamboo steamer, using a rocking motion.

  2. For the Skewers: Stamp the name or street address onto the wooden circles, or squares.

  3. Hot glue gun the stamped shapes to the wooden skewers near the top, so to leave room for your meat and vegetables.


  • Mix it up! Stamp the name on one side and the street address on the other side of the skewer.
  • If you’re having problems finding that perfect steamer, look no further than