halloween vampire teeth place card holder

A vampire trick to make your Halloween Party an even more special treat

Katie Brown shows you how to create a simple but spooky Halloween Vampire Place Card that will make your next Halloween Party POP!! Dracula has a thing or two to say about who sits where!


  • Plastic vampire teeth
  • Silver spray paint
  • Cardstock labels
  • Fake blood


  1. Place a drop of hot glue in both corners of the vampire teeth and press the corners together for about 30 seconds so that the space between the teeth will hold the width of your place card.

  2. Spray the teeth silver and allow to them to dry.

  3. Dot the red nail polish on the place card and fold it onto itself to create a cool, bloody pattern.

  4. Burn the edges of the place card slightly.

  5. Write names on each card and wedge them in between the teeth!