Coffee-Stained Cork Menus


  • Translucent paper
  • White or cream colored paper
  • Coffee grounds
  • Thumb tacks
  • Small cork squares
  • Drinking glass or empty tin can
  • Computer and printer


  1. Mix coffee grounds and water together to create a dipping paint for the coffee stained paper. Dip your glass in the paste, then on the paper to create the pattern of your choice. We've chosen a chain-link effect, that overlaps a bit.

  2. Let dry and brush any excess grounds off the paper.

  3. Choose a scripted font to give the menu an elegant touch. Print out your dinner menu on the translucent paper.

  4. Tear the edges of the translucent paper and the coffee-stained paper. Place the translucent paper with menu printed on top of the coffee-stained paper.

  5. Attach to small cork squares with thumb tacks.