Wrap Around Twig Vase


  • Small, shallow circular glass vase
  • Assorted twigs
  • 2” ribbon
  • Garden oasis, soaked in water overnight
  • Sheet moss
  • Assorted flowers (ie. dalias)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Garden shears
  • Awl (optional)


  1. Cut twigs to approximately 4-5 inches tall.

  2. Attach these to ribbon, using hot glue. Starting in the center and working out, place twigs on ribbon, leaving one side much shorter than the other (leave about ½” inch or less on the shorter end). This will be on the bottom side when you wrap it around the vase.

  3. Tie ribbon around vase and finish with bow.

  4. Cut floral oasis to fit in the bottom of your vase.

  5. Cut sheet moss to cover oasis and fit on top of oasis.

  6. Cut flowers and stick through moss into oasis (use an awl if you need help poking through the two layers).