Tiered Garden


  • Terracotta pots and trays
  • Moss
  • Greening pins
  • Bark, stones, driftwood, pinecones...any nature you may find in your backyard
  • Miniature house plants


  1. Stack trays and pots. Start with a 14-inch terracotta tray, and place a 7-inch pot upside down on the tray. Then add an 11-inch tray, topping it with an upside down 4-inch pot. And lastly place an 8-inch tray on the very top.

  2. Begin in the middle layer and cover the whole tray with sheet moss, allowing it to stand up the sides of the pot. Intersperse rocks and bark through the moss.

  3. On the top level, place a small plant in the center. Stand the sheet moss up around the pot, securing it to the soil in the pot using greening pins.

  4. On the bottom layer, arrange your miniature plants all the way around covering the soil with moss and securing it with greening pins.

  5. Intersperse with a small cup of flowers, pinecones, bark, and moss.