Soil Adornment


  • Stalky house plants
  • Large pots
  • Soil
  • Rocks, mulch or moss


  1. Pot your houseplant in the center of your large pot and to disguise the soil, cover its surface with rocks, mulch, or moss.


  • Generally, the brightest location in any home is near a south window, while the darkest is across the room at a north window. Approximately the same amount of light is received by a houseplant located by an east or west window. However, plants with a western exposure are exposed to a much higher temperature.
  • Put houseplants outside in summer. Plants often are revitalized by this treatment.
  • Light usually strikes the plant from only one side. Rotate the plant to maintain an upright growth habit.
  • Plants in clay pots dry out faster than plants in plastic pots, so people who tend to over-water should use clay pots.