Aromatherapy in a Basket


  • Hanging basket
  • Nice smelling herb plant, like lemon verbena
  • Round mold pan
  • Plastic pan to fit in the bottom of your basket
  • Raffia wreath
  • Floral wire
  • Dried lavender
  • Purple grosgrain ribbon
  • Greening pins
  • Scissors
  • Garden pruners


  1. Bundle about 20 stems of dried lavender together with floral wire. Make 8 bundles.

  2. With a greening pin, pin one bundle on the outside edge of wreath at "12:00". Pin the next at 3:00, then 6:00, then 9:00. Make sure each bundle is pointing in the same direction.

  3. Next, on the top of the wreath, pin four more bundles lining up the floral wire joints. Each bundle will make a "+".

  4. Cut a 12-15-inch piece of grosgrain ribbon and wrap it tightly around both bundles. Secure with a knot. Repeat for 3 other bundles.

  5. Trim the ends of the ribbon if they seem to long.

  6. Turn the wreath over so that the last 4 lavender bundles are resting on your work surface.

  7. Cut an 8" piece of floral wire, bend it in half, and loop it through one piece of the ribbon. Do the same on the opposite side of the wreath.

  8. Push the floral wire up through the basket and twist them together so that the wreath is securely attached to the basket.

  9. Cut a long length of purple ribbon and weave it all the way around the top edge of the basket for a little extra decoration.

  10. Place plastic tray in the bottom of the pan, place the round mold pan in and then the plant in the center. Arrange your products in the pan around the plant.