Batik Denim Blanket


  • Large square of denim (around 50" x 50")
  • Thick liquid "premium" bleach
  • Artificial fern fronds, an assortment
  • Sand paper
  • Rubber gloves
  • Baking pan


  1. Cut a large square of denim as your beach blanket; we chose 50" x 50".

  2. Sand the areas of the denim where you want to place the fern pattern and launder the denim.

  3. Pour the thick bleach into a baking pan or similar shallow container. Be sure to use rubber gloves when handing the thick bleach, it is harsh on the skin!

  4. Carefully dip the fern frond into the bleach and "stamp" onto the denim in any pattern you wish! To ensure that all leaves are evenly stamped on to the blanket, quickly run your fingers along each frond, pressing them down as you go.

  5. Let the bleach set in the denim overnight. If left out in the sun, the bleach will become even brighter.

  6. If you spill on the blanket, don't be afraid to launder the denim as normal – the bleach will stay set in the denim!


  • The wider fern leaves will produce a better, bolder pattern on the denim.
  • Feel free to try linen or a lighter weight fabric; it will absorb the bleach much faster!