All Things Dried Flowers

The warm weather brings some of the most beautiful things to life, but if your like us, you loathe at the thought of them slowly fading away. So, here’s an idea, why not preserve your flowers and make them part of your home? You can hang them, frame them even make a wreath out of the flowers you love. And don’t stop with the flowers from your garden! Preserve the time you received those flowers from a special someone or a special occasion by trying one of these ideas! Get started by hanging your flowers in a dark space tied together, make sure to hang them upside down and wait a week. Now your flowers are ready to become decorative.

A creative display... Spotted on TinyWhiteDaisies

Create this display!... Spotted on Hooray

Frame your flowers... Spotted on Pamplemousse 1983

Make a wreath... Spotted on Wise4Living

Another way!

Want to try something different? Give this a try... Spotted on Annie's Eats

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