4 Year Old Birthday Party

First and foremost my heart goes out to all those effected by Hurricane Sandy …….I do hope that all is well with everyone. Since My daughter, Meredith’s, 3 year old birthday party was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene , I couldn’t let her go without a party this year! So this Friday as Meredith turned four, we in the Corbin/Brown family decided the show must go on and pulled off a birthday party complete with purple and pink art projects!

PINK and PURPLE Pollack Painting

Purple Glitter Balls

PINK And PURPLE Beaded Necklaces


PINK And PURPLE Painted Pumpkins

PINK And PURPLE Butterfly Berets

PINK And PURPLE Wooden Hearts And Airplanes

PINK And PURPLE Sparkly Flowered Cake

PINK And PURPLE Sparkly Flowered Cake

PINK And PURPLE Balloons

PURPLE Favor Bags

Me And My Girls

My Husband And His Girls

The Birthday Girl Takes Her Balloons To Bed