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It’s Wednesday!  I love planning a fun activity to do mid-week, when the previous weekend is fading a bit and Friday still seems like a distant dream.  One of my favorite activities for a casual weeknight get-together is a potluck.  Nobody has to think about more than one dish, and after dinner we can throw all our kids in a room to play together while we steal a few moments of adult conversation (hopefully).  If you invite really good friends, they won’t even notice your sweatpants and your messy kitchen.

Even though the theme of this get-together is CASUAL, I can’t resist sending my friends home with a little something.  Check out these Recipe Take-Away Bouquets for a quick party favor.

Recipe Take-away Bouquets


Chinese take-out containers
flowers of your choice
Note cards for recipes (have your guests bring these)

Getting Started

1. Soak your oasis overnight.
2. Place a little piece of oasis in the bottom of each take-out container, and arrange moss and flowers to your liking.
3. Have your guests bring recipes to the dishes they brought so you can attach them to your bouquets, and each guest can pick which recipe and flower arrangement they’ll go home with!

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