Simply Eataly

We went to Italy for lunch this week, and were back in the Brooklyn workshop by 2 o’clock.  Oh, did I say Italy?  I meant to say Eataly (“EEEEEEE – taly”), the newest delicious amazement Manhattan has to offer.  Part marketplace and part restaurant destination, what strikes me about Eataly is how beautiful and intimate this 50,000 square foot extravaganza manages to be.  I mean, here I am at the grocery store trying to buy some potatoes, and out of the corner of my eye I see a beautiful young couple canoodling over fancy wine and cheese, oblivious to the hubbub of shoppers surrounding them.  This collision of the every day with the intimate and special is so fresh and exciting.  The fact that we can have it all – gorgeous food and design products to buy, exquisite restaurant choices, and delicious, juicy people watching, all under one roof – What an experience!  I can’t wait to go back (But next time, I want to be the one on the wine and cheese date).

Enough talk! Feast your eyes on these pictures:

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