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I believe that no party is complete without party favors.  But sometimes when you’re busy planning your menu and table top decorations, you barely have any time (or energy) to even think about making take-away treats for your guests! The solution? Herb Plants! They not only make great favors, but they also function as beautiful centerpieces and as a tasty garnish for your attendees! See the instructions below for how we took seedlings from our friends at Bonnie Plants and turned them into fragrant parting gifts.


1. Take seedlings of your liking (we like the ones from Bonnie Plants, because they come in biodegradable pots), and remove them from their containers (or just the plastic seal if you're using one in a biodegradable pot). Make sure you leave the plastic markers in the plants, so that your guests know what they're taking home and eating!



2. Take colorful pots (we like to use different sizes) and plant your seedlings inside of them.



3. Take large wooden garden stakes, and mark each one with the name of your guests. We used sticker letters, however feel free to get creative and use stencils or stamps.



4. Place the garden stakes in each of your potted plants. And there you have it - a simple, fragrant, and might I mention delicious party favor centerpieces!


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  1. Renee
    Renee says:

    Katie Brown:

    This may sound hilarious to you but I have been searching high and low to locate one of your products you released in Meijer which I guess just became discontinued. 🙁 I was wondering if maybe you could help me out; I LOVED one of your items and the store said they clearance’d and discontinued the product the end of July. It was a long dark wooden piece maybe 3ft long x 1ft wide about. It looked like it was something you could place on your table and such. I dont know what it was called; but I remember seeing it and thinking ‘Oh, wow, I want one of those!’. Anyways, if you think you may be able to help me out please let me know. I’d love to have one in my home; and Im so sad the line was discontinued. If you think there may be anyway for me to find one that would be great!

    Thank you,



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