Simply Candlelight

As the color palette outside shifts from bright greens to rich reds, oranges and browns, I so look forward to throwing open the windows and letting crisp air drift through my house. After a long day of work and time with the kids, I love to sit back in a comfy chair and unwind with my husband— and the soft flickering light of candles sets up the atmosphere for good conversation and relaxation.



I fell in love with the honey scent and beautifully organic look of beeswax candles from Mole Hollow. While any candle will do, beeswax candles are virtually smokeless and burn slowly with minimal dripping. Each batch of beeswax is a slightly different shade, which only adds to the charm and uniqueness of buying handmade. When you buy from Mole Hollow, you support American handcrafts and experience a piece of the long storied tradition of artisan work that is built on generations of creativity. What’s not to love?

The Mole Hollow retail store and factory recently relocated from quaint Shelburne Falls to another charming New England town, Sturbridge, Massachusetts. The company has a long-standing tradition of high quality and great customer service. I always loved stopping in the store in Shelbourne when I spent weekends at my apple orchard in the Berkshires and I just can’t wait to visit the new locale.

And for those of us who can’t make it to Sturbridge, but want to check out the candles firsthand, check out your local Whole Foods. While grocery shopping the other day I spotted a stand with votives in various colors. Whole Foods knows a good thing when it sees it!

Next time you’re adding some ambience with candles, don’t forget:

1. Group candles of different widths and heights! This will add depth, dimension and unique style to any room.

2.  Asymmetry is key! When creating an arrangement group  in odd numbers to add interest… 3 is better than 2, 5 instead of 4, and so on.

3.  Stick to a color!  Keep it simple with monochromatic arrangements– too many colors can be distracting.

So tonight, take a moment for yourself. Light a candle and simply breathe.

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